Dear Bunfans

Hello Everbun, We're moving please follow us here. Thank You! Aoi & Fluffy


Bunny Talk

Aoi: Fluffy did you see the results from the selection from last Sunday? Fluffy: No I haven't. Aoi: It's really embarrassing! So many people voted for the AfD (alternative for Germany) and especially in the east! Fluffy: Aha... Aoi: You don't care hmm... They are really extremely right-winged! Fluffy: Maybe something will finally change. Who... Continue Reading →


Hey Everybun it seems Hoom is going to start working again tomorrow. After staying home for 3 months and taking a rest she's now starting a new job. After the last one Hoom is still not sure how well she'll do in a full-time job but still wants to give it a try. If everything... Continue Reading →

Saturday night heart attack

Fluffy: Hey Everybun it was this Saturday that hoom got a heat attack! You know hoom bought us hay from a farm 15 kg and this is how everything started. Last Wednesday hoom saw a little worm crawling on the ceiling she didn't think much of it and just killed it. Don't get me wrong... Continue Reading →

So comfy 😍

Hey Everybun Hoom got me today But my wife was so comfy to sleep on. Of course Hoom had to take a picture. 😧 I wish she would stop that. Fluffy

So sad

Hey Everybun Hoom made us an all you can eat buffet and today she had to trow it away. There was mold on top on the earth ... She still has the parsley and carrots but it doesn't look good for them either. Hoom thinks that it was the wrong dirt. Her dad said she... Continue Reading →

It’s nicely growing

Hey Everybun how are you doing? In our last post we told you hoom made us an all you can eat buffet. Now we thought we show you how much it has grown. Soon we can start eating it. The Parsley didn't seem to grow (last picture) so hoom put some more seeds on top... Continue Reading →

So nice

Hey Everybun Hoom made us an all you can eat buffet... but we still have to wait for it to grow. 😣 We got some grass, some parsley and carrots. (which will probably end with us only having greens) 😍 Here are some pictures   Can't wait to eat all of it. Your Aoi

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