Saturday night heart attack

Fluffy: Hey Everybun

it was this Saturday that hoom got a heat attack! You know hoom bought us hay from a farm 15 kg and this is how everything started.

Last Wednesday hoom saw a little worm crawling on the ceiling she didn’t think much of it and just killed it. Don’t get me wrong hoom loves animals but for some it’s safer to stay outside of our apartment.

Aoi you tell the rest…

Aoi: (rolls her eyes at Fluffy) Move forward to this Saturday around 8 pm. Hoom was talking to her dad on the phone when she saw another worm crawl up the wall. “Hang on dad I just have to kill something.” BAMM! It was dead. Around 9 pm another and that was it!

Hoom called her friend whom she talks to A LOT and told her what was going on and then she started to look for the nest where they come from. Her friend said “it’s the hay…” “No can’t be.” hoom said.

Yeah… little did she know. So after ruling out everything else she looked inside the hay but nothing. There was some hay that fell onto the ground but hoom ignored it at first. Looked trough our cage our outside area and even on the balcony cause at some point she thought there might be a dead animal. Hoom barely uses it so she wouldn’t notice it right away.

In the mean time she had killed more of them for some reason they kept coming. For Hoom the placement was totally odd because there was no food and our toilet weren’t even close and they crawl up the wall… So she sent a picture to her friend (yes she was still talking on the phone the whole time)  and asked her google it while she kept on searching.

IMG_20170902_205412This is the picture. Later on they settled on a moth worm. After quiet some time hoom started to clean everything up and also the hay on the flour… “Friend you were right it’s the hay.” She found 2 worms in it and it wasn’t even that much Hay there.

Hoom was panicking cause she wasn’t sure if it was a threat to us so one thing first on Monday was taking us to the Vet. We weren’t happy about it.

We are healthy and the vet said it’s a worm from a butterfly or something similar and means no threat to us. Hoom was surely relieved hearing that.

But still in the night from Saturday to Sunday she didn’t sleep and the night after that it wasn’t that much better. It also took her until 2 am that night to finish cleaning up and taking out the trash. Hoom was finished with the world that night.

If these worms were really butterflies then Hoom feels really sorry because on of her favourite animals are butterflies.

Since the hay isn’t in the apartment anymore hoom didn’t find any of these worms again.

We wish a lovely day.

your Fluffy and Aoi



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