Bunny Talk

Aoi: Fluffy did you see the results from the selection from last Sunday?

Fluffy: No I haven’t.

Aoi: It’s really embarrassing! So many people voted for the AfD (alternative for Germany) and especially in the east!

Fluffy: Aha…

Aoi: You don’t care hmm… They are really extremely right-winged!

Fluffy: Maybe something will finally change. Who is on top?

Aoi: Angela Merkel…

Fluffy: Oh Boy! Is there no one else? Hoom could do a better job. She’s good in taking care of things and people and animals.

Aoi: True. AfD has 94 seats, FDP (Free democrats) their chief said: “If there’s no change they’ll stand on the opposition. Die Grüne (the greens) aren’t really aganst it. All in all they won’t be able to do a Jamaica collaboration.

Fluffy: A What?

Aoi: Jamaica collaboration it means CDU/CSU they are black, Die Grünen they are green and FDP are yellow. These are the colors from Jamica.

Fluffy: It’s getting too complicated.

Aoi: Just means that this time Merkel will hopefully have a good opposite. Maybe she can’t damage as much as she did up to now.

Fluffy: What do you mean?

Aoi: TIPP, CETA and all the other things she does for Money.

Fluffy: We should really put someone new into that position.

Aoi: Like Hoom and their friends?

Fluffy: That would be pure fun to watch.


*Laughing till their stomach hurts*

Aoi & Fluffy



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