Happy New Year

Hello Bunfriends  Hoom is in Berlin while we're chill at home. She said she'll be back in 3 days. 😎 means lots and lots of treats.  We love ya  Aoi 🙂


Merry Christmas 

Hello our bunfriends  We wish you a  Your Aoi and Fluffy

Not yet

Hello Everybun  It's me Aoi. Sadly Hoom isn't back yet. We're still inside our cages even thou there are connected it's still not enough space. 😡 Last week we could jump outside 24/7 then hoom stated working again. 😣 I want out of here! Hoom how long do we have to keep waiting. 😭 Love... Continue Reading →

New bun-stuff 

Hello my Bunfriends  Today hoom thought the stuff she ordered for us wouldn't arrive in time.😠 To our surprise it did. 😊 All this good stuff came. It seems hoom wants to try out the bun-toilet with us. 😑 Not sure what to think about that.  The bed on the other hand is really chewable but... Continue Reading →

Start point

Hey friends Today we start our blog and we're happy to welcome you.😁 Hoom came back really late yesterday so we gave her a cold shoulder.😡 Fluffy: Didn't you hear she's off on Friday. 😏 Aoi: Yeah but she's going to her mother for her Birthday on Sunday. So she'll be back late. 😣  Fluffy:... Continue Reading →

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